Doctor4U’s Mission

At Doctor4U, we believe that everyone has the right to access reliable and convenient healthcare services. Therefore, we strive to use technology in conjunction with a team of experienced doctors to provide quality, convenient health care, anytime, anywhere.

Why should you choose Doctor4U?

Experienced and friendly doctors

Our doctor teams consist of experts who have practiced in big hospitals for years

Medical examination and treatment anytime, anywhere

With a modern and easy-to-use technology platform, you can get medical care from anywhere with an internet connection

Easy to use, immediately support

Doctor4U appication is easy to use and suitable for all ages, and when you need, we are always ready to support

Health information is stored in long-term and reasonably

Your medical information are systematically stored, accessible easily from your account.

Commons questions

Doctor4U is an online health examination and consultation platform through smartphone application or website

We effectively advise on common conditions such as: flu symptoms, sinus problems, respiratory infections, allergies, skin diseases, chronic diseases and many other non-emergency conditions. 

At Doctor4U, we provide online medical examination, chronic disease care, psychological counseling and prevention methods. Get the app today!

To make an appointment, please download the app using the link above, scan the QR code or search “Doctor4U” on your phone’s app store.

Then sign up for an account and follow the instructions. If you have any questions about registering an account or making an appointment, please call the hotline +024 32 212 212 or sen an email to

Your insurance may have covered the full cost of consultations at Doctor4U! In addition, from only 300,000 VND, you can be examined by our doctors right on your smartphone. Download the app and experience it today!

We are partners with many insurance companies and providers. Please fill in your insurance plan when you sign up for an account to see if you’re eligible. If you have already created an account, you can go to the “Personal Information” section to update the information.

Contact Doctor4U

For Doctors

Contact to cooperate and start working with Doctor4U

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Corporate Customers

Increasing benefits and caring for officers and employees of the enterprise, helping them feel secured in their work and dedication.

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For Customers

Download the mobile app to choose a doctor, book an appointment, save prescriptions

For Doctors

Mobile app for doctors to help manage appointments, tele-consult, and prescribe

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