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Team of doctors

A team of dedicated, highly qualified doctors with many years of experience working at major hospitals in Central and Hanoi.

Doctor4U Doctors Da Nang Doctors Specialist

Online counseling

Are you busy and can’t arrange the time to go to the doctor while you need to consult with a medical specialist? Doctor4U helps you in connecting with your doctor wherever you are with flexible time frame.

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Corporate Health Programes

Providing healthcare solutions for officers and employees. Synthesizing and digitizing examination results, managing centrally and securely data for businesses

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Chronic diseases care

Do you need medical specialists’ advice when experiencing health problems? Doctor4U is your family doctor, with you to monitor and care for chronic diseases with a team of experienced specialists.

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Pneumococcal vaccine Prevenar 13 (UK) is a new generation vaccine against 13 types of pneumococcal conjugate, plays an important role in creating active immunity, preventing invasive diseases, otitis media and pneumonia Acute pneumococcal disease for different age groups.

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For Doctors

Contact to cooperate and start working with Doctor4U

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Corporate Customers

Increasing benefits and caring for officers and employees of the enterprise, helping them feel secured in their work and dedication.

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For Customers

Download the mobile app to choose a doctor, book an appointment, save prescriptions

For Doctors

Mobile app for doctors to help manage appointments, tele-consult, and prescribe

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