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Our Mission

At Doctor4U, we believe that every person has the right to excellent and reliable health care services.. Therefore, we strive to use technology to empower a team of experienced doctors to provide quality and convenient healthcare anytime, anywhere.

Why Doctor4U?

Experienced Doctors

With years of experience working in national hospitals, our team of doctors is here to ensure you have the most helpful and comfortable experience

Get Help Anywhere, at Anytime

With a modern, user-friendly technology platform, you can see our doctors from anywhere with a network connection, at many time frames during the day

Ease of Use

Our app is simple and easy to use, with guidance for every step of the way and live assistance when you need us

Logical and Secure System

Your medical information is safely stored on the system, easily accessible and monitored from your account

Câu hỏi thường gặp

Doctor4U is an online health consultation and check-up platform via smartphone application or website www.Doctor4U.vn

We effectively advise common conditions such as flu symptoms, sinus problems, respiratory tract infections, allergies, skin diseases, chronic diseases and many unnecessary conditions. other emergency.

At Doctor4U, we offer online clinics, chronic care, psychological counseling and preventive care. Download the app for help today!

To book a doctor’s visit, please download the app using the link above, scan the QR code or look up “Doctor4U” on the app store of your phone.

Then register for an account and follow the instructions. If you have any questions about registering an account or making an appointment, please call the hotline +84 24 3533 4165 or email care@Doctor4U.vn

We are partners of many insurance companies and providers. Please fill in your company or insurance plan information when signing up for an account to see if you are eligible for support. If you have created an account, you can go to the “Personal information” section to update.

Your insurance may have covered the full cost of the Doctor4U consultation! In addition, from VND 250,000, you can be seen by our doctors on your smartphone. Download the app and experience it today!


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